Prenatal Care

“Pregnancy can be an exciting and wonderful time in a woman’s life”

It is also a time of many changes in her body that can cause various discomforts. Many of the changes in a woman’s body will occur through her low back and pelvis as her body begins to change and adapt to her growing baby. 

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Prenatal Care

The uterus itself has a physical connection to the joints and soft-tissues in and surrounding the pelvis. These are typically the main areas addressed with chiropractic treatment. However, we may see compensation in other areas of the body that can also be addressed. A prenatal chiropractic treatment is a combination of gentle adjusting – to balance the pelvis and improve its function. As well as gentle soft tissue techniques – to release tension in surrounding muscles and ligaments that are attached to the uterus and pelvis. However, every treatment is individualized to each patient, as moms may experience different discomforts during pregnancy. This balancing and restoring movement of the pelvis is a successful technique for reducing discomforts for mom

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