Pediatric Care

Chiropractic adjustments

performed on infants are actually very different than those adjustments performed on adults. We have modified and very gentle techniques we use with our little ones. We use very light fingertip pressure on a baby’s spine – imagine the pressure you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato. We may also address any muscular tension by gently massaging the muscles. 

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Pediatric Care

Some reasons that parents will bring their infant in to see us include issues with discomfort related to digestive difficulties and/or constipation, difficulties breastfeeding, poor sleep, fussiness or simply for a general check up. Issues may arise due to the physical stress your baby has gone through during the birthing process. Past the infancy stage, many parents will continue to bring their children in for various reasons. One reason being for general check ups as the child goes through developmental milestones. Also, as their child experiences various minor traumas related to kids just being kids. In a non-emergency situation, chiropractic care can be a great option for your child to keep their growing bodies moving well.

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